Physical Chemistry Lab

Course Description: By measuring physical properties and processes, thoughtfully interpreting data, and developing laboratory and communication skills, you will put the concepts of physical chemistry into practice. The course is organized around three main units: Data, Theory, and Synthesis. In Data, you will explore and analyze data, considering sources of error and the limitations of your conclusions. In Theory, you will explore the behavior of matter from the microscopic (quantum) to the macroscopic (thermodynamic) realm. In Synthesis, you will put it all together, exploring uncertainty in speed of sound and calorimetric measurements, as well as measuring fluorescence intensity as a protein is denatured.

During our weekly meetings, we will collect and analyze data, evaluate models, create compelling figures, and practice scientific writing.

Learning Objectives: At the end of this course, as active participants in the learning and communicating process, you will be able to:

Spring 2020 syllabus (pdf)