Lyndi receives a Graduate Fellowship


Master’s student Lyndi Kiple received the Kranbuehl-Thompson Graduate Fellowship. From the newsletter:

Lyndi Kiple studies molecular interactions between pigments and binder in acrylic paints to inform scientists, artists, and conservators about the physical and chemical nature of paint. She primarily uses single-sided nuclear magnetic resonance: a non-invasive, non-destructive, and portable technique that is well-suited to studying painted surfaces and precious objects. Lyndi’s goal at William & Mary is to identify and describe these molecular interactions at different spatial scales so scientists can design future experiments and predict treatments for conserving painted materials. In the future, Lyndi plans to work in analysis of art and objects of cultural significance. Her skills will help preserve art and heritage in museums and other settings.

Lyndi was selected for the graduate fellowship because of her academic aptitude, organization, and willingness to learn new techniques, methods, and instruments to answer her research questions. In addition, Lyndi excels at scientific communication with a range of audiences and actively seeks opportunities to practice and improve her communication skills.

Congratulations, Lyndi!