Current Meldrum Lab people

Group, Spring 2022

Olivia Cassara
Economics, 2025
Arvada, Colorado

Coffee order: Large iced coffee

Favorite animal: Otter

Dream job: Small town bakery owner

Best part of working in the Meldrum Lab: Everyone is really welcoming and helpful

Current projects: Getting used to lab and learning about the different projects.

Ian Cook
Chemistry, 2025
Kensington, Maryland

Favorite ice cream: Mint chip

Favorite animal: Horses

Dream job: Wilderness medicine physician

Best part of working in the Meldrum Lab: It has such a varied range of applications, ranging from art conservation to plastics and beyond.

Current projects: TBD, still getting adjusted to the lab and learning about the projects.

Thomas Howard
Chemistry, 2024
Falls Church, Virginia

Favorite ice cream: Cookie dough

Favorite animal: Osprey

Dream job: Elementary School STEM Educator

Best part of working in the Meldrum Lab: The best part of the Meldrum Group is the people. Everyone is welcoming and fun to work with.

Current projects: This semester I will be working on Dynamic Nuclear Polarization for increasing signal intensity of NMR.

Shinjer Li
Chemistry, 2025
Vienna, Virginia

Favorite ice cream: Strawberry

Favorite animal: Axolotl

Dream job: Professional food taster

Best part of working in the Meldrum Lab: The passion that everyone has for their projects and the diverse backgrounds of skills and knowledge that everyone brings!

Current projects: I’ll be working on using Hall sensors to map the magnetic field for our magnets and shimming magnets to make them more homogeneous.

Sam Rubin
Chemical Physics BS, 2024
Baltimore, Maryland

Favorite ice cream: Coffee

Dream job: something in the medical field

Best part of working in the Meldrum Lab: The best part of the Meldrum Lab is the people!!

Current projects: I am working on conductive surfaces doing microscopy to understand the physical surfaces of our samples.

Jacob Simonpietri
Chemistry BS, 2024
Richmond, Virginia

Favorite ice cream: Chocolate

Dream job: Research! (Especially something that helps the environment like renewable energy)

Best part of working in the Meldrum Lab: Meldrum is happy to spend time getting you involved and informed about what’s going on in the lab.

Current projects: We just received new rf coils which have to be calibrated in order to take measurements of samples applied to metal.

Kelly Ann Sutterfield
Chemistry BS, 2026
Euharlee, Georgia

Coffee order: Vanilla almond milk latte with an extra shot

Dream job: Lab director for a big material or pharmaceutical company

Best part of working in the Meldrum Lab: The people and the atmosphere make it a great place to have fun and learn something new.

Current projects: I am working on using NMR to analyze epoxies and curing agents.

Interested in joining the Meldrum lab? Please reach out to Tyler or any group member to learn more. Importantly, you do not need to have a background in magnets, materials, or NMR to join and learn with the group.

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